Going Yard (DC)

Rise and shine in SE DC, new faces, new neighborhood, same community building. Great to get out of NW and off the Mall to see a part of DC most of us rarely get to.  Awesome way to earn your weekend. Keep spreading the good vibes this weekend and recruit for #MeridianMonday.

The #PositivityAward went to a sister from then sister city of Chicago. All the people who signed on early to NP DC know how hard it is to grow a tribe from 5 to 10 to 20. Proud of her for sticking with NP CHI and growing the 17 city movement.
Tagging gear will be on Monday @ meridian hill.
Mugshots will be held on Wednesday show up a few minutes early. Plan your MUG face now.
#CapturetheFlag race is JUNE 14th. 300 people taking the streets of DC in flag attire. Get ready. Tell the world. Free fitness take over is REAL. LOOK for an announcement Saturday or Sunday with details
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