Going with the flow (YEG)

If you comment on someone’s crop top and he hands you one at the end of a workout how can you not put it on! This is a thought process I did not expect to deal with when my alarm woke me up this morning. Why not go with the flow, I thought, let’s have some fun and be a little silly at 6am. Maybe adhering to the mantra of going with the flow will also lead you to crop tops, maybe it will lead to ice cream, or maybe it will lead you to joining a workout for the first time. Daniel #JustShowedUp for the first time this morning and he crushed the stairs! “I was looking to fill a cardio day,” safe to say the mission was accomplished haha.

Maybe you need to hear this maybe you don’t but if you are presented with an opportunity why not say yes? I am sure there are lots of reasons to say no to something but in the grand scheme of things is a yes really going to make that big of a deal? You won’t know until you try I suppose 🙂

It was great seeing you at the stairs this morning and we can’t wait to see you at hills on Friday.

Keep being awesome,



  • Friday at 6am– see you at the bottom of Walterdale Hill.
  • If you don’t know about the 10th anniversary buff contest that’s underway, get in the know! ASAP! Here are the deets.
  • Have you heard yet about the Knockaround contest? You’ll also want to know about this one. Check out contest details here. This is gonna be a fun one!
  • Tagging! We’re doing one more tagging day this year. It’s going down on October 1.
  • If you’re new to NP Canada or haven’t done so as yet, please sign the global waiver– here
  • If you’re coming to a workoutsign in here BEFORE you show up. In the event we need to contact you, we know who was at each workout. And seems pretty important now that this new variant is trending upwards.

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