NP YOW Mystery Tour (Ottawa)

Welcome back friends – you’re just in time
For another NP morning of rhymes
See below for a peek at what this morning was about
And then go get moving so you don’t miss out!

(You’ll notice the pics are just a bit blurry
But it’s just from the rain, there’s no need to worry)

  1. Remember that time it was 20 below
    We laced up our skates and wouldn’t you know?
    A visitor from Boston joined us here on the ice
    But don’t worry – a photo from the edge will suffice!
    (10 skaters per side)
Already looking at the next clue while getting skaters done!

  1. This location is where the Golden Egg was met
    And has also served as a photography set.
    A place to embrace your inner child,
    And plenty of room to do burpees like wild!
    (10 Burpees)
Modified burpees also accepted 🙂
  1. We once did a sunrise 6K right at this place
    Swiftly along the canal we did race
    Most people think of it as a place to eat
    But for us it’s a reminder of athletic feats
    (10 Star Jumps)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2021-09-22-at-9.01.08-AM.png
Not pictured but we think they’re headed to the Canal Ritz!
  1. This one is easy – it’s open 24/7
    And tastes like a little slice of heaven
    Home of the most delicious bagels in town
    Show up after 7 and you won’t leave with a frown
    (10 Frog Squats)
We assume the missing team members are inside getting bagels
  1. Find a spot that’s been tagged (no, not on your chest)
    Public art or a mural would probably be best
    A plank or a wall sit is what you must do
    For what better way is there to take in the view?
     (1 min Plank or Wall Sit)
Beautiful faces and a beautiful mural – what a view!

  1. Find a spot where bikes are locked up on a rack
    So when they get “two” tired, they don’t fall back
    Some crunches will help you pass the time
    (And give us a way to make this rhyme)
    (10 Bicycle Crunches per side)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2021-09-22-at-9.01.54-AM-1.png
Bicycles working hard. NPers working slightly harder.
  1. This device may help you on your commute
    And the complimentary helmets are kinda cute
    Better limber up before starting your ride
    With a few more crunches on each side
    (10 Standing Side Crunches per side)
Crunches not pictured, but complimentary helmets are

There you have it, that’s all, the hunt is all done
And just by participating, you’ve already won
Yikes – that was cheesy, better wrap this up
As always just remember to go pet a pup!

We hope you have a wonderful day
Just one last thing we have to say
Rest up, get hydrated, for as you already know…
T-7 days until PR DAY IS A GO!

Rebecca & Becca


  1. Check out for more info on the Knockaround signature movement contest.
  2. NP SUMMIT UPDATE: There will be a free virtual relay as a part of the NPSUMMIT race. Virtual participants will be emailed a bib before the race and after submitting their times for running 4 miles 4 times as a team of up to 4 members, will receive a virtual medal and a chance to win Brooks gear! Stay tuned!
  3. The deadline to submit your 10th Anniversary Buff Designs is Sept 25th! Check it out here:
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