The idea was rolled out in our large conference room at the #NPSUMMIT in Madison, Wisconsin. “Our collective goal will be to hit 3,014 or more total members before the end of 2014.” The room humbled with excitement the way marathoners sound on the starting line. “3,014 is an insane number that has never been a goal for any humans in the history of the planet. Plus, we’d like to think that in the year 3014 that they’ll still be talking about NP.”

The next day, after our trail event, each tribe was read their specific number in front of all of the other leaders that they needed to hit in order to achieve this goal.

Fast forward through the next few months and tribes pushed on their recruiting efforts. Weather was a factor. And then we saw Mother Nature and Daddy Darkness teaming up to close the year on a chilly note. Keep in mind, we are #weatherproof, but our newbies tend to trim down each week when the winter comes.

November 5th was set as the day we’d climb this mountain and have at least 3,014 members inside one Wednesday morning.

We’re proud to say, this this fine morning, in 16 cities, 4 timezones, 2 countries, the tribe known as November Project landed with a headcount of 3,934 members in a single Wednesday morning!

Please share the news with your friends, family, and everyone in between. From the volunteers to the core members, from the newbies to the new Co-Leaders, if you were a part of this morning, you will forever be a part of our history. A giant thank you to all of you who made 3014 happen. We love you and will not stop building this movement until the world truly feels the shake of our collective (positive) weight.

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