Candle Wax Poetic (DEN)

In THREE years ONE tribe of TWO people becomes SIXTEEN tribes of 3,014+++.

We set a goal and we met it. Well, we think we did, but what does the final count really matter? This isn’t a freaking election. You are all amazing people, who CHOSE to wake up this morning to participate in something bigger than you, bigger than your city, and bigger than the whole Country. Thank you for taking the time to better yourselves and contribute to this little movement we affectionately call: Free Fitness. You are all extraordinary beings.

What does 3,014 people mean? 3,014 instant friends: ski buddies, running buddies, drinking buddies, shoulder-to-lean-on buddies, meatfest buddies. A bigger community means more hugs, more smiles, more “I’m glad you’re here’s“, more support on the race course, and more familiar faces to ‘run in to’ while walking down Colfax Street towards Atomic Cowboy Pizza at 2AM (highly recommended).

But we don’t stop at 3,014. That was a goal set with thoughful timing… Winter is coming. Winter is the reason for November Project. In Boston, Winter begins on November 1st, and lasts until what… May or June??  The winter is when your friends need you the most. Hold yourself accountable to your tribe through cold, snow, & ice. Make snow angels with us. Play lazer tag, sans lazers, with us. Make your mornings memorable and extraordinary.

Today in Denver #NP5280, we formed our largest 5:30A group, our grandest 6:15A group, and we didn’t even bribe you with free foods, drink, or amplified beats. Our Yearbook pictures look amazing. When we post the Yearbook album later this week, post your photos on your preferred social media outlet and tag them #NP5280. We want to know everyone’s name, we want everyone’s friends to know your name. We won’t forget about you. Make your friends jealous of your super-cool, wicked-fun, morning fitness addiction, and make new friends to hold accountable for in this movement throughout your #Weatherproof winter.

We want to make your big city feel like your high school. When you knew your BFFs class schedule better than your own, or everyone knew you had a big game coming up that night, or you got butterflies when accurately timing a hallway-walk-by of that girl you liked but couldn’t quite talk to. This is the magic that makes the community.

The more the merrier,

Lieutenant Flanniel


11/7 Flannel Friday 6:15A Cranmer Park (2nd & Cleremont)

11/7 Friday Run To Happy Hour 6P Govnr’s Park. RSVP here.

11/12 Wednesday 5:30A/6:15A Capitol Building Stairs (14th/Lincoln)

Never Again: Keith, not being, Keith.

Track Your Participation in the Movement here.

530AM Group in the Limelight
530AM Group in the Limelight


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