We Missed You Keith (DEN)

If you are newbie and are wondering, who is Keith Smith anyway? Well you are probably right (read on). If you have been training with us regularly since the winter than you know Keith as that dude with the spectacularly mid-western accent, a friendly face wrapped in a cozy beard man beard, an alter ego black bearded Keith Stone and that guy that can eat fucking rainbows (see above). But Keith hasn’t been showing up lately, and I can’t figure it out why.

I’m here now to deliver the official statement saying that Keith was absent from the Yearbook photo today. Keith, I let it slide when you had some made up leg injury. I let it slide when you had to drive through the night to make it to Kansas City to see the Royals lose the World Series consequently missing NP5280’s 1st birthday. But goddamnit I’m not going to let it slide today. Our yearbook album will forever have a hole in it where you face could have been- should have been. What happened to you man?

Something you may all not know about Keith and myself is that we sit back to back at work. We have a lot of exposure and absolutely nothing in common, so all we talk about is November Project. So when you talk to me about the workout for two days in a row leading up to it– verballing for yourself AND your brother AND your girlfriend– I naturally expect to see you there in the morning, and the burn stings that much worse when I don’t.

But don’t worry Tribe, there is a silver lining to this nonsensical tragedy. Mid-workout, I received the following sign of life from our AWOL old friend:

image (4)

Proof: Keith will make this up to us with burritos, and how about maybe by SHOWING UP AND GIFTING US YOUR PRESENCE? I guess the comforting news is that together we will all make it out of this mishap a fuckload of burritos richer. If he keeps his word that is…. The truth is Keith, not even all of the burritos in the world could make up for the fact that WE MISSED YOU!

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