Birthdays & PRs

#Mile14 capped our Marathon week, but it also got us going for our NP Birthday Party and #PRDay.  I mean, seriously, does it get better than this? The answer is Ohhh FUCK YEA.  But lets stick with today for right now.  Today was our #PRDay and it was a perfect day for PRs.  Bodies were flying all over the course.  Sweat was coming through the seems.  I saw people pushing each other up the hills, over the curves, around the steps.  Our marathoners came out and were helping us spread the vibe and take the times.

We had the lovely Sara Beaney (recent Marathoner) come out and snap some fucking amazing photos of 172 tribes people of November Project NYC.  This was by far the most amazing workout…for now.  CALL OUT TO NEW YORK CITY: This winter we are coming for you.  The tribe is growing, the tribe is young, the tribe is love, the tribe is strong.  Coach and want to thank each and every one of you.  You make November Project, each and every one of you.  And thanks to all of you, the tribes got #3014 today (#3934 to be exact).  We did it, we all did it. Everyone contributed, including our K-9 friends.


FRIDAY: Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall, 6:28 am.  We are all excited and ready to throw down with where the Mayor works.

#Yearbookphotos to be posted soon, be on the lookout.

Now, we want to introduce you to the record system.  We now have an online tracking system for PRs and to record #VERBALS.  With more to come soon. But first, go in, login, create your account and drop your time from Wednesday.   Use your Facebook profile.  It doesn’t post anything to your page, but that is coming soon.

Name Time
Myles 13:13
Rob M 13:22
Alexandra T 15:02
Maia 15:37
Shane 16:00
Peter F 16:37
Raleigh 17:35
Amrita 17:40
Eric 17:45
Marc 18:02
Bruna 18:35
Abby 19:09
Tyler 19:08
Sarah J 19:18
Dan L 19:55
Kia Hin 20:35
Pete OG 20:06
Jackie 21:01
Vanessa 20:57
Maggie 21:18
John M 22:22
Winnie 21:18
Beth 19:51
Pete 13:36
Myles 14:29
Evan 15:25
jamie 14:00
Daniels 15:49
POW 15:36
Scott S 15:39
Anthony 14:50
Jeff 16:00
Nicki 16:12
Lauren W 16:46
Matt T 16:57
Nadia 17:42
Kayla 17:52
Steve B 16:35
Livy 17:34
Mary 16:31
Emily 16:18
Dori 16:42
Sam 18:22
Rebecca 18:32
Colleen 18:19
Bette 17:44
Taylor 19:22
Aubrey 16:47
Stacy 17:10
Christina 17:32
Katie 18:00
Monica 16:34
Nadia 18:56
Jullia 19:41
Meredith 19:00
Annie 19:22
Lindsay 20:25
Aditi 20:12
Chris H 17:54
Emliy P 19:03
Catherine 20:52
Alex B 21:00
Lee 20:39
Winnie 21:35
Jackie 18:36
Terri 20:31
Jacqui 19:00
Liz 21:27
Casey 22:40
Megan 18:36
Llya 18:02
Vinnie 20:25
Collin T 16:32
Nina 22:27
Haley 20:15
Lauren 21:55
Kayle 22:03
Erin 23:40
Jessica 20:45
Kristin 25:22
Tara H 20:51
Alina 19:13
Emily F 16:50
Emma 17:28
Stephanie 26:45
Melissa 25:16
Jean 16:25
Sarah D 20:46
Alexa 23:24
Stacey G 25:33
Hilary 26:03
Alison N 18:22
Brandie 23:52
Michelle 27:18
Tory 19:03
Liysa 23:00
Suzzane 20:19
Carly 21:38
Emily 19:00
Luciano 15:56
Natasha 20:33
Melissa N 19:56
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