Tattoos & #511 (DCA)

Good Evening DC,

As most you all know by now, we went ahead and knocked our goal out of the ball park, out of the city, out of the mother fucking planet.  That is a testament to each and every one of you. The repeated messages, calls, proposals to hangout with old friends…at 6:30 am, there are no wrong ways to recruit, and you guys proved to be great at it.

Months ago, I looked at Steve and said, “we’re going to take over this fucking city.” We didn’t know if it would be a month, 3 years, a decade, but we were determined to build a community for all and to have it explode. 2 to 500 in a year is an unreal accomplishment for all of us to celebrate.

And now, we are going to remember this year with…a little ink. Design, dates of ink, TBD. Be ready for it.

You know what I am now going to say now, don’t let this be a one hit wonder. Don’t fall back after this hard push. Keep on your friends to just show up one more time. For them to make it to a Friday, to a Monday, and to see how NP can change their fitness , community, and city.

Today we had a dog, a professional lacrosse player, some exercising for the first time in years, a 19 year old celebrating his birthday all the way from North Carolina, and 508 other racers. NP is for all, district and world take over is now.


Tonight, celebrate. You all created history here in DC and across 4 timezones. 500, 3014, are all amazing feats to be proud of. Soak this feeling up.

Love is always,

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