Good Morning America & NP_CHI

– Wednesday morning, June 8
– Belmont Harbor northern peninsula
Dress Rehearsal: 5:00a – 6:30a CST. (Meet at Totem Pole)
Live Shoot: 6:30a – 8:00a CST. (Meet at Belmont Harbor Peninsula)
90min workout. Dress Rehearsal will involve “positioning” of people so that the camera crew and producers can practice with lights, angles, sound, etc. We three leaders will also get some coffee and food for you all. During LIVE shoot, we’ll have several moments of “choreographed” shots along the break wall where people will doing partner exercises, having fun, etc. intermixed with our general workout. Cameras will be immobile. Initial thoughts for staged shots: dips along wall, partner wall sits/dips, hoists, burpees into runs, squat cheer wave. Neon takeover of Brunch when we finish.
As many as possible. All dressed in NP gear. Bring extra for those who don’t have any and since tags are “out of commission” (we’re planning to have new tags for this date). We need at least (20+) people during the 5:00a – 6:00a CST window for practice shoots with the camera crew and producers. We need EVERYONE there from 6:30a – 8:00a CST for the LIVE production and actual workout portion. Be hyped, be loud, be fit, be fun. We probably can’t say “Fuck Yeah!”. aww HEALLL NAW.
Play when we’re off-air. Can’t play during LIVE shooting since there are copyright considerations.
Tell everyone. Share this blog. Share THIS BLOG. Recruit newbies, Recruit oldbies. We’re trying to get neighboring tribes to join. Let’s rock this shiz.
Need a place to crash? Reach out and we’ll connect you with our hospitable tribe!
Need a place to park? There is a big parking lot just north of the totem pole at 3650 N. Recreation Drive. We also encourage bike commuting. Chicago has a great bike-share service called DIVVY.
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