Get To NYC, DC, & Chicago – Good Morning America (featuring Your November Project)

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November Project The Book has opened yet another door, one that will lead us to our largest reach yet.

On Wednesday, June 8th, at 8:15AM, the Co-Leaders of NYC’s tribe will host a workout that will be featured LIVE on Good Morning America (GMA) in Time Square, NYC. The fitness story will also be showing off LIVE shots from the Washington D.C. and Chicago tribes at the same time! That’s right, 3 locations of this insane movement will be featured on Good Morning America at the exact same time!

Co-Founders Bojan & BG will be on-air to talk about the book, while the cover is projected on the giant jumbotrons outside in Time Square (what?!). Throughout the entire show, GMA will cut to LIVE outdoor feeds showcasing the the NYC+tribe, DC+tribe, and the Chicago+ tribe. Now, the “+” is where we need YOU.

For the two East Coast tribes, we’re going to need to put on a bit of a show – an 8:30-9AM workout will be something new for all of us. With all of the media & fame wrapping up at 9:01AM, this will mean that many of you will need to call in late, call in for a 1/2 day, or even more. The “+” NP crew could come from you die-hards that want to drive up from Virginia Beach or Baltimore to join your brothers and sisters at NPDC for this big moment. What about some of the fanatics in Boston and Worcester driving down to NYC to make the morning in Time Square even more powerful? Or having the Milwaukee & Madison tribes in the “No Coast” world join up down in Chicago for the largest turnout possible!? All in Grassroots Gear!? All ready to rumble, to show the world that hardwork and fun and kindness are the things that we do best! That is how we see June 8th on Good Morning America going down.

Please RSVP to one of the 3 tickets below so that we know you’re able to make it and so we can send you a reminder a day or two out. Though the movement is far bigger than just what is going on in NYC, DC, and Chicago, this should be seen as an opportunitiy to reach even further and gain even more ground for world takeover. November Project will be seen that morning in a way that could positively affect all of our tribes.

RSVP/REGISTER for $0 that you’ll be there and then plan to join us in Time Square, at Lincoln Memorial (DC), or at the Totem Pole (Chicago)!

Wednesday, June 8th
Time Square Plaza – Broadway & 44TH Street
7:30-8:15 Painting Shirts
8:15-9:30 NYC Workout

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Wednesday, June 8th
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.
5:30AM Workout
6:30AM Workout
8:30AM Workout on Good Morning America

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Wednesdady, June 8th
Totem Pole, Lakefront Chicago
(Central Time)
6:30AM Workout
7:30-8AM Workout on Good Morning America

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