Glad to be here!

Let me be honest. Today did not start so smooth. Last night I went to Ikea after work to buy a shelving unit for the #RaceRoom in my new apt and didn’t start putting it together until after I made it home at 10PM. Then, I had to prepare a #NPWatermelonDerby car. I was hoping that I could place the watermelon on the toy truck I got from Walgreens, but then I realized it’s against “RULE #3 Watermelons cannot be attached to a pre-fabricated chasis of any kind (like a skateboard, stroller, toy car, etc.)”. Who comes up with these rules anyway?? It was already past midnight by the time I made it to bed. And this morning, I had to wake up early to prepare for the NH trip I will go right after work. The whole morning until I made it to NP was stressful. Why am I telling all this? Because, even as leaders we do struggle through less than enthusiastic mornings too. It is good to keep it real. Nobody loves getting up early and says: “Yay, I woke up so early again, I love November Project.”

But, what waits for us when we make it there is what makes the difference, makes it worth it, and makes us all glad to be there. This morning the weather was simply beautiful. After a few tropical days with lots of rain and humidity, it was great to have a cool and sunny morning, my favorite weather! After arriving, I was greeted by an old friend with a BiG bear hug. We got to run together too. Last time I remember running with BG at Summit Ave was January 2013, when he was convincing me to run my first marathon the next month after I ran and enjoyed my first 5K.


We ran the front hill, all the way to the bottom, came back up and all the way to the bottom again through the stairs, staying on the left until we touched the tree on Beacon street. There was also a 10 burpees spice by the tree if your name is Chris Payne.  If Wednesday’s #Raceman/#Robotman3 was not enough, more stairs to make it right. And then the back (easy) side of the hill to prepare for the next round. Record your reps here. Another spice was to run with your watermelon if your name is Scott. We were expecting Scott Champagne, the egg runner, to participate in this spice, but he did not. Scott Gilroy was probably late again. But, Scott Yellow was there. The workout described above was too dull for him. So he added his watermelon spice. Speaking about watermelon, the #NPWatermelonDerby was a blast. If you had to leave and could not stay for the derby, you can check out the pictures and videos on social media and #FIMO. If you stayed, you know what I am talking about. Special thanks for the singing of the national anthem! Micah and Grace also approved the watermelon derby, and decided that all participants should be awarded with pool time. Congrats to all participants and their team members, and enjoy refreshing at the pool next Friday after the workout!

Photo by: Alexander Miller
Photo by: Alexander Miller

The tribe was exceptionally positive today. I heard my name cheered on so many times, which made me run faster and longer than I was anticipating. We celebrated the positivity with presenting the positivity award to one of the most positive members of the tribe: Alexander Miller. Dude, seriously, you make November Project and people around you better every day. Thanks for existing!

Another Friday morning has passed with hard-work, smiles, hugs, fun, and more smiles. Did I mention smiles? Lots of them, big and outrageous. And as I sit on my desk writing this blog, I am still smiling. Glad to be here! See you on Monday at Jean B Waldstein Playground in Brookline for another happy morning. Find out the exact location here!


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