Gift that keeps on giving (YEG)

November Project is not only in the business of building community through free fitness but it is also in the business of giving. Bet you didn’t anticipate leaving today’s workout with a new exercise to add to your exercise repertoire! #justshowup and you never know what you might be gifted – some days it’s cinnamon buns, others a Canadiana dance party & sometimes mariachi bands serenade you on your birthday while you’re running Commonwealth stairs. Today though, today’s gift is one that keeps on giving, one that will not ultimately be consumed or ends when the music stops…this one you can repeat anytime, anywhere…the Weird-Ass Burpee! In fact, I think you should knock one off right now while reading this post – it could prove to be a great conversation starter and recruiting tool too!

In addition to doing 104 Weird-Ass burpees, you also hammered out 104 pushups, 104 leg lowers, 104 speed squats & 40 squat jumps & you completed all of this before 6:30 am. Feeling accomplished? You should! By setting your alarm, getting your ass out of bed & choosing to #justshowup you gifted yourself with sweaty hugs, high fives, smiles, laughter, dirty laundry & a pretty terrific start to your week!

#justshowup 6:00 AM

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stairs – Gate 2

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Future #justshowup Save-the-Date

July 14-18 – NP Summit – Blue Mountain Resort Ontario

Until next time…SMILE! J

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