We. Are. A. Cult. What?

“We are awesome.
We are strong.
We. Are. A. Cult.
Wait. What?”


This morning at NPSD was epic. Of course it was. Every morning is epic. But there was something about working out by the giant cross on the top of the hill and chanting about being a cult that made today a little different.


Sure, we charged up some hills.
Like every other day, Mark busted out some jams from his backpack.
Not surprisingly, BG cheated off the line to beat Luke in a race.
Of course, OG Chris drew cards in the sexiest fashion.
I insisted we have a newbie orientation for one person.
Oh, and we did a lot of burpees.




But what keeps bringing us back each Monday and Wednesday morning is deeper than the sweat pouring off our skin. No, I didn’t fuck up the chant during our bounce this morning. Because there’s something about these people in whom we’ve found a community and in many ways a family. Like other social groups, or religions, or cults, it’s the support and human connection that keeps us coming back and looking forward to more.




We won’t be having a group Kool-Aid party any time soon, but I can promise you that every Monday and Wednesday will start with big hugs, bigger smiles, and a hell of a lot of sweat. And what’s better than starting your day with that kind of human connection?


Stoked to be a part of this tribe. Stoked to be a part of this global community. Let’s make it a little brighter every day, San Diego.






Super Duper Important Biznass:
  • WEDNESDAY – You know where we’ve always met at Balboa Park at the Bea Evanson Fountain? We’re meeting at Balboa Park at the Bea Evanson Fountain. 6:29 AM.
  • SIGN UP FOR SUMMIT – Renew those passports, or get one. Because we’re hauling out to Ontario, Canada, North America. Details in this blog post. And members are already actively planning stuff in this Facebook group.
  • Congrats to everyone who raced yesterday at the Rock’n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon!
  • Shelby, we’ll miss you. Now start a tribe in Portland. Or don’t go. Hahaha. Seriously. JK. No really.
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  1. “DONE!…fuckers!! “- lol, next time I am bringing some OFF for them mosquitoes!! awwww yeah, I got a shout out!! boom!

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