Get Uncomfortable: Guest vlog by Kelly Roberts (LAX)

We here at NP_LAX are extremely fortunate to be a hub for travel, which means we are graced by many a #traverbal at almost every workout. While some only come out for one or two sessions, sometimes people find themselves in this city for a longer period of time. While they can take comfort in knowing that there is a tribe here, something familiar, it can still be an intimidating thing to jump into. 


Allow us to introduce Kelly Roberts, an NP_NYC’er who found herself in LA for an extended amount of time. It’s easy to make excuses and say that this isn’t your place, not your people, and either dog it at the workouts or not show up at all. Kelly? She did the exact opposite. She embraced this tribe as her own and quickly became a core and beloved part of the epic weirdness that we bring every damn day.


Kelly also happens to be a youtuber documenting her journey attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She made a neat little video about us, and we proudly present that to you today. We’re so glad you’re here Kelly, take it away: 

Do great, LA



FRIDAY – Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook @ 6:27 am

  • We meet at the TOP of the overlook, so get there early to allow time to get to the top. This isn’t a workout you want to miss.
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