Get to know: Positivity Award winner Ruth Logan (DC)

Last Wednesday, we gave the Positivity Award to Ruth Logan, aka Rulo. We could write hundreds of words about Rulo’s impact on the NPDC community and how much it means to her, but why not just let her voice shine through? So here it is — a handful of questions for the Rulo. If you haven’t met her, find Ruth at an upcoming workout.

1) How, when and where were you introduced to November Project?
Sarah Pardus, a best friend and former college teammate, joined November Project Baltimore in January 2014. She would constantly tell me how much she loved the workouts, even in the bitter winter. When I moved to D.C. in January 2015, Sarah strongly reminded me that there is a DC tribe. It took several months, but on Labor Day 2015 Sarah and I went to a Monday workout at Meridian Hill. Like usual, I’m glad she pushed me to try something new.

2) What do you remember about your first workout or thinking at/after your first workout?
So at that Labor Day 2015 workout, I was very very nervous, but excited. I’m a natural introvert but Sarah made it too good to miss. At the end of the bounce, (former co-leader) Kaelan asked me to come to the middle and demonstrate a “hips in hug” with her. It was a bizarre moment but that’s when I started to love NP.

3) What motivates you to keep you coming back?
It’s the support, both from the people and the workout in general. It doesn’t matter how I think I did with the workout, but people will cheer me on. I enjoy meeting new friends each morning and learning something new from them. I’m constantly making new friends and it’s wonderful! Also, I missed having a solid workout after college swimming where other people would challenge me. I was bored running and swimming solo. November Project has made me excited about running, and swimming (NP Swim Team!), again!

4) What does winning the Positivity Award mean and represent to you? Support, love, family, optimism and leadership.

5) Describe for us your favorite November Project moment to date.
This is so hard because after over three years, I have so many amazing moments! From March to June of this year, my mom was in hospice in New York City. I went up every two weeks to see her. In mid-June I decided to do a last-minute trip because we wouldn’t have much time left together. Brittany Bennet learned I was going up. Her texts gave me huge comfort on the train when I felt so alone. She told me that our NP friends wanted to do something for my family. She coordinated a large dinner for us and sent a package with a letter, sweets and more. The gift that meant the most was the shirt with both an NP DC tag and the Moms of DC tag. My mom never wore it but it stayed in her room and I wear it often. The entire gesture meant the world to my family at a very tough time. This is what community means to me.

6) What’s your go-to fast-casual restaurant in the city?
Definitely Cava! They have great drinks and grain bowls. I love their pita chips!

7) Who’s your favorite athlete?
Diana Taurasi, because UConn women’s basketball is the best!

8) You’re going on a 12-hour road trip and you can only have one CD (remember those?) playing on loop. What is it?
Old school Kelly Clarkson, one with Miss Independent and Breakaway. Classics that are fun to listen in the car!

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