Monday Funday (Boston 11.26.18)

It’s not often that you can start a Monday by saying, “I did a WOahMAN, I ran a marathon, I raced track in the Olympics, and I did some Olympic Weight Lifting too.” 

This morning, in a wet and gloomy inspired park in the Brighton/Allston neighborhood, the NP tribe worked in teams of 4 to complete circuits that represented each of these epic accomplishments. 

The WOahMAN = long run out/back across the park to the soccer net, jumping lunges (2 minutes), long run out/back (again), mountain climbers (2 minutes), 25 burpees.

The Marathon = 26.2 laps around the basketball court.

Track = 100 yard sprint, (jog back), 200 yard sprint, (jog back), 400 yard sprint.

“Weightlifting” = (strength movements) explosive jump squats, inchworms, bear crawls, pushups, and body weight hang. 

Anyone on the team who completed their circuit then did burpees while cheering for the rest of their teammates.  When everyone was done, they rotated events and continued on until time was called. 

So what’d you do this morning?  Had some fun in a park, on a playground, and a basketball court.  Ran a marathon, did WOahMAN…you know, a normal Monday! 

If you’re reading this and thinking it all sounds awful, then maybe Monday’s aren’t for you.  But we think that starting out the day nice and early with some kickass movement, and starting out the week with a Monday like we had this morning, is the best thing we can do for ourselves.  Especially as winter really comes on, the days are still getting shorter, and it’s way way way way harder to feel motivated to get up, get out, and get moving.  We’re going to have workouts all winter long, and even when it’s cold (especially when it’s cold), you don’t regret getting out there and making your body move!  Just show up.  Mondays.  They’re the Fundays.

Next Monday workout location:

Will be at Copley Square.  6:29am.  Everyone is invited.  Everyone is welcome.  Everyone has one whole week to plan, prepare, set your clothes out, find a friend, bring your #NPplus1, and commit to showing up. 

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