Get Ready to Race (Boston 1.14.19)

Today the Destination Deck was focused entirely on the track. Because the #SunriseML6K will be happening just one week from today, we got the tribe ready for some ovals around the track…some speed…and some wind in our faces.

We got excited about pushing ourselves hard–toeing the line between comfortable and “holy shit can I hang on to this speed?” Between being rested and “ready” versus still a little out of breath, but starting the next interval. And even in the freaking cold cold air, we found a little fire inside, to get our bodies and minds ready to race next week.

The origin of the Sunrise 6K goes way back to early 2015. All the November Project tribes around the world at that point, set out to race the same distance. An odd and unusual distance relative to most normal foot races of 5k or 10k. Even a half- or full-marathon have these standard distances that everyone knows. But 6K?? What is that?

Exactly, it’s a little odd in distance and it gets us out of our heads about what we’re “supposed” to do or how it’s supposed to feel. We get to challenge ourselves to race against-with each other like a real race, but also as a real tribe, who is just trying to help everyone get faster, fitter, better, more confident, and more badass as athletes.

So next Monday, at Harvard University’s outdoor track (called McCurdy Track), we will start and finish our 2019 #SunriseML6K. This race was inspired by the Sunrise 6K and plopped right on MLK Jr. Day, making it the Boston-specialized #SunriseML6K. We do it on this day every year–with a very special spray painted tag to honor it. (We also sometimes race the Sunrise 6K other times in the year as well.)

The Nitty Gritty: #SunriseML6K: Jan 21.

This race is freeeeeeee. Exactly $0 to get a sweet run experience. Tell EVERYONE and invite them to come race with you.

There will be prizes. Do no underestimate this statement. Prizes for place finishers AND for Race MVP.

Everyone can participate & race. All speeds. All humans.

Race Times: 5:30am & 6:30am

Start / Finish Location: McCurdy Track which is the outdoor track right next to Harvard Stadium.

Course: will be announced by Friday.

Weather: it will very likely still be winter on Monday, so plan for cold temperatures, maybe even snow if we’re lucky, and dress accordingly!

HYPE: tell the world you’re racing on Monday, for MLK Jr. day. #SunriseML6K

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