Just. Snow. Up. (DC)

The snow started falling on Saturday afternoon during our NPDC ice skating social at Canal Park. The meteorologists (read: Tribe-weatherman Alek Krautmann) were predicting heavy snowfall, and the temperature showed no sign of warming up, so we knew Monday’s workout would be a snowy one.

Saturday night’s snow became Sunday morning’s snow. Then Sunday afternoon’s snow. And into the evening. 10 hours, 20, hours, 27 STRAIGHT HOURS OF SNOW!

A call was put out to bring snow shovels to the workout, and of course, without fail, YOU, the tribe, came through. We arrived to the workout armed with snow shovels, 300 layers of fleece and wool, and massive grins on our faces.

Shovel? Check. Grin? Check.

Anyone who has been to a Monday hill workout in DC knows that 15th Street next to Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park is STEEP — which is why it’s so great, but unfortunately also what makes it dicey in snowy and freezing conditions. Upon arriving a bit early at the park this morning, the sidewalk had been partially shoveled (and frozen over), but the bike lane on 15th was a snowy, icy, treacherous mess.

Enter, NPDC. Shovels ready.

Shoveling snow is no joke!

The workout? Run a hill on 15th, dip on a bench (while clearing 10 inches of snow off it), run down 16th, across the bottom of the park, then back up 15th, then shovel the bike lane — and rinse and repeat. We had about seven shovels to work with, and people rotated in and out throughout the half an hour.

Blake demonstrating superb snow shoveling form.

By workout’s end, we had cleared almost the entire 15th Street bike lane from top to bottom. For those keeping track at home, that’s 0.3 miles of shoveling completed. What would normally be a laborious and boring activity was transformed to a fun exercise with friends. After the group photo, folks headed back to 15th to finish the job. ALL CLEAR!

The last of the hill to be cleared.

This crew never ceases to amaze, but it’s workouts like these that demonstrate how invested everyone is not only in November Project, but in the city that we live in. Schools were closed, offices were closed, the government was closed, but people still showed up at 6:30am to crush it, play in the snow, and do good in the snow.

What a crew.

If you braved the elements this morning and #justsnowedup, go ahead and give yourself TWO POINTS in the attendance tracker for today: http://bit.ly/AttendanceChallengeTracking

We love ya snow much, DC.

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