Friyay, Friyay (DCA)

WHOA. #RecruitEveryone is being taken seriously. Straight face, straight back seriously. A lot of racers, a lot of new faces, a lot of fruit cocktails. You weren’t there (CAUSE WE KNOW SOME OF YOU WEREN’T)? Don’t know what we’re talking about? Like actual fruit? Plastic fruit? Baked and wired serves breakfast fruit cocktails? We’ll never tell.

We sat on walls and dipped on knees. Sprinted on multiple bridges, hopped up steps, sprinted up other steps, burpeed and jumping jacked all the way back to the start. Sounds like a multiple mile obstacle course. Who knows. Maybe it was. We’ll never tell. But you could #justshowup.

You were there? #WeekendEarned! Get out there and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weekend!

Keep the recruiting up! We earned our spot as America’s fittest city, so let’s keep it that way. Expand the lead and grow our community. Plus, you can WIN a TomTom GPS watch if you recruit the most newbies this month AND those newbies are at the #Sunrise6k

#Sunrise6k is COMING UP QUICK. We’ll be racing it out on 6.24.15, running a 6k instead of the usual PR week. Start and End location is the normal Wednesday meet spot (first time? that’s Lincoln Memorial). If you PR from February, you #EarnYourCava


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