Francine Schnizlevoss “The Watermelon Queen” Reporting Live (SF)

Happy Friday, Tribe! Reporting live from the Castro Cottage is your very own Watermelon Queen! What does that even mean? I still don’t know. But if you keep saying it over and over again it almost sounds normal. Oh yeah, Francine, she looooooves watermelon. She even kind of looks like a watermelon.


Let’s see, what happened at this mornings workout? Wisconsin notes:

  • Tony tore down the house and almost tore apart his butt hole when he twerked into a pricker bush. Luckily those quads of steel saved his life and he was able to bring himself back to vertical before tragedy occurred.
  • RAD came to hills so she could serenade you in the tunnel and then seduce you to Beyonce with her sensual moves. The bounce got a little bit tighter this morning after that dance went down.
  • The tribe traveled to the most beautiful look out in the SF area only to be completely fogged in by Karl. So in complete defiance, after one lap half the tribe said FUCK THIS SHIT and stopped running. Some say they were tapering for the race Sunday, but we all know they just came to instagram the scene.
  • Chris Sheesley learned today that ‘taper’ does not only refer to candles. And that if you are to taper, you should never follow the Nick Buck School Of Running which is “Triple your weekly mileage to make up for missed training the week of the race.” Watch Nick Buck destroy all of us on Sunday because of that comment.
  • Pete Kruse slept through all workouts this week to prepare for Sunday’s half marathon. While this is probably smart, I needed to get a Pete Kruse dig in here somewhere, as the blog wouldn’t have felt right without it.
  • Lillian brought all the sunshine with her to the workout. No fog will get that girl down.
  • Gil led a post workout bounce (whaaaaat??) IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT SAY FUCK YEAH!!!!

Monday: YOGAAAAAAAA! Come stretch and recover at Fort Mason, 6:25 AM with yoga taught by Jessica Midden. BYOM (mat).


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