Flat Friday

Fridays are typically reserved for hills. Did I say hills? I meant walls. I meant mountains. I meant sidewalks with stairs. I meant park your car at a 90 degree angle, e-brake or else, San Andreas Fault, State Farm is there, with a renegade can of soup that fell out of your grocery bag and went cascading down the asphalt like a bat out of hell, please don’t hit a Tesla type of hills. Hills that make you reconsider friendships with the people who live at the top of them. But this Friday we decided to do things a little differently. This Friday we had Friday FLATS!


That’s right, flat Friday, public Friday, in the way of commuters Friday. Call it whatever you want, the point is we didn’t run any stinking hills. Instead we played sharks and minnows at the port of San Francisco. This… was not our hardest workout. But fuck it! Laura and I will answer to corporate. Our tribe deserved it.

DSC_0043And god damn it, it was beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend folks, you #earnedit.

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