Earn your 3.14159265

Ok. It’s getting warm out, but it’s still dark. There’s no snow on our trail, and it appears that the tribe ran further and faster than they ever have before. I’m about π/3% positive that it has something to do with the high five you got before the workout, the smiles that you saw during the workout, and thought that you were going to get π (rounded down) hugs after the workout. The tribe is strong. The tribe is happy. The tribe is forever free.

π earned! Enjoy your weekend!

Monday: WEAR GREEN (and bring me some gold)! We will be at MacEwan University. We know MacEwan is not an Irish name, but Scotland is close to Ireland. Feel free to give me the history lesson on Monday. However, the aforementioned lesson must include leprechauns if I am to believe it.

April 25th is our next event. It will be hosted by our good friends over at MEC. There will be prizes. There will be knowledge bombs. There will be discounts. There will be laughs. There will be drinks after. There will be a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT. We’re even letting you bring your friends in for this one.

Read about #GrassrootsGear+. It is coming at you, next Wednesday at 12pm ET.

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t yet seen the #powerful7 videos from the #NPSUMMIT held in #YEG last December, here they are.

Madison, San Francisco, Edmonton, DC, Denver, San Diego

Summit Video

This wasn’t part of the Summit, but here’s the original story.


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