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“How does November Project make money? When will you start charging? What’s the model?” Well, maybe we’re too caught up in the storm of excitement and good created over the last two years or maybe we’re just unsure of how to pull this off with the correct level of class, regardless, the day has come! For all of you out there who have come along on this ride, who have have raced your way to smiles, miles, and a stronger community then you had on day one, This is your first chance to support the movement we all call November Project with a monetary contribution. After a gathering in Canada put on by the two man staff of NP Boston, which brought all 14 co-leaders of the 7 locations of November Project together, we realized two things:

1. Having our team of leaders on the same page as friends is key to making this movement a real thing and keeping our movement consistent no matter what city you’re in. This is done in person, not online.

2. We need funding to pull this off. Though the trip was worth every single penny, the cost was beyond a few cases of black spray paint. This is where the official #GrassrootsGear+ comes in.


What’s up with the shirts?

As the movement continues to grow, we’re looking for creative ways to support the expansion, make the daily activities of our leaders easier, and make our brand better without looking like we’re selling out to sponsors. We’ve decided to make our own simple line of apparel, which if you purchase, will be fueling the World Takeover and what we’ve been calling the “Free Fitness Movement.”

Yeah but why shirts?

The idea about the shirts came after looking and hundreds of brand new T’s with price tags still hanging on them as we paint our classic “NOVEMBER PROJECT” brand across the chest. We thought, if people are willing to pay money for a shirt that will be spray-painted, why don’t they buy that shirt from us and support November Project instead of some giant company?

Tell me about the design?

If you’re familiar with our #GrassrootsGear, you’re familiar with the giant NOV3MB3R PROJ3CT letters across the chest. The grid pattern across the chest, when tagged at your area NP workout, will create a unique design. If spray-painting is not your thing or you’re supporting from outside the range of an official NP city, you’ll still have the NP logo on both sleeves. This is where we drop a giant THANK YOU to our friend Silvi for her help and patience with this design. Keep in mind that this print is one of the kind and will never be repeated again when we decide to print our next batch – Maybe we say “#RaceEverything” at this point.

Speaking of cause, where is the money going?

The money will go towards small things that make NP experience amazing! Professionally cut metal stencils, recruiting papers stamps, spray-paint, sound docks, cameras, ability to throw cool events, and perhaps most importantly, ways to get all of the co-leaders from the many locations of November Project into the same room for our next November Project Summit.

This means you’ll only tag official NP branded shirts from now on?

Absolutely not! We’ll paint anything you put in front of us including your laptop case, mother-in-law, or a bare chest (but not your mother-in-law’s bare chest). We don’t want you to buy the shirt if you don’t want to and we certainly don’t want you to feel like you have to. We do know that there are many of you out there who have asked how you can help and asked if we need anything. We do. We need you. We need your attendance. We need you to train hard. We need you to support one another and smile at strangers between NP workouts. And, if support comes in the form of buying yourself and the people in your world a shirt to fuel the November Project movement? Yes, we do need you to buy a giant stack of shirts. This is a fun, new, and exciting step for us and we’re proud to have you on this wild ride. Set your alarm and we’ll see you soon.

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  1. Wow. This movement, and all that it stands for, is nothing short of amazing. My daughter, Julie Buchsbaum, is an active member of your DC tribe. And when I say “active,” I mean she participates in every single workout, each and every day, every single week, without fail. She eats, breathes, and sleeps NP. She aleady has participated with your tribes in Boston and New York, and is planning on visiting Iceland next summer just for the opportunity to participate there. Actually, it is as a result of one of the connections she made at a NP workout one morning that she landed the job where she works today! Tomorrow, 12/12, is her 23rd birthday, and I have to say that I’ve never seen her happier, more motivated or more involved. I am so proud of her, and am so grateful for the most important part that November Project plays in her daily life. Thank you!

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