Voodoo Pi(e) Day! (DEN)

For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to embark on a professional life focused in Mathematics nor privileged enough to ride the varsity bench on the Canton High School 19-time New England Champion Math Team, today is Pi Day, 3/14. Pi is an irrational number whose value begins with 3.14, hence, math aficionados around the globe rejoice when the calendar nears the Ides of March and they finally have a reason to talk about Math with their “friends”. In today’s fast-paced world of consumerism and TMZ, Pi Day has evolved into Pie Day, and said Mathematicians get to discuss algorithms and hyperspace, while their friends eat Pie.

Well that’s enough about me, here’s the skinny on the Tribe’s earn-your-pi(e) workout: Mile High Molly tapped into her elite high school cross country workout reservoir and challenged us to accelerations up the hill at Governor’s Park. You showed up this morning thinking you’d just leisurely pace up a few hills, but instead you got smacked in the ass with a super-charged hill AND sprint workout. To celebrate our efforts on the hill, we devoured mini-Pies, which the common folk call donuts.

Piece Out,

Hype Notes: Limited Edition November Project Tag-Ready T-Shirts go on Ssale Wednesday (3/19).
Race Notes: We are currently assembling a 12 and 6-person teams for the 190-mile Epic Relay race this summer from Cannon City to Crested Butte, CO. Inquire within.
Social Notes: Recruiting Papers event will be held on Thursday (3/20) at Dan’s  House at 7pm. #RecruitMoreRacers

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