Fired Up (YEG)

After breaking through that cold snap last week, all I could think about this morning was getting fired up. Sure sure it’s only January but I felt like we had successfully leaped over a hurdle. Despite the weather or because of the weather we saw our community in Edmonton thrive. We continued to do what, at its core, November Project is all about. Showing up for each other despite the weather. To be outdoors despite our warm beds. To build up our community despite living in a place where the air can hurt our face haha. In all seriousness we really did all that and I know we are ready to go for round two whenever mother nature is ready.

Truly my capacity for joy increases every time I see your collective faces……keep it up? hahaha I know it makes a difference to me and I am sure it makes a difference for others as well. We know that being physically active makes people happy (there is some damn good science behind that) and on a weekly basis we can see the changes it has on you by the time we gather for the photo. After all this time and it still makes me smile see us all having fun.

Enjoy this hot spell over the next few days and I’ll make sure to get a little fired up for Friday. Hopefully you will too?

Keep being awesome,



Friday – Walterdale hill

Monday – on a bridge in the city

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