Pole Dancing (BOS)

Yes the workout this morning was called Pole Dancing. And, no…we’re not doing that kind of pole dancing. We threw in a little “pole dancing” spice to the regular hills this morning. Everyone kept their clothes on and there were no dollar bills being thrown…all the poles we danced between were the telephone poles along the steep, steep street. Here’s how it worked:

We ran down the front hill and then on the way back up, at the first telephone pole, we ran faster–maybe even sprinting–to the next pole. Then we ran regular–maybe even slower–speed to the next pole. And we continued to alternate between that faster and slower speed, every other pole, …dancing our way up the hills. Then on the way down the back hill, we simply ran–not racing between poles–which gave us more of an opportunity to recover and be ready to dance between poles back up the hill.

The funny thing about this workout is how unsuspectingly hard it is…and how even if you showed up this morning thinking you’re going to take it easy, you ended up getting your ass kicked because you saw those poles and just couldn’t NOT move a little faster between every other pole. After all, it’s just one pole, right?

And then you get to the end, and you’re like, “what the hell did I just do? And how did I do that?!?” And this, this my friends, is the magic of this whole thing. If you happened to choose to show up to Summit Ave by yourself, it’s 99.9% unlikely that you’d choose to do Pole Dancing by yourself. But with the community, with people running, walking, moving, and challenging themselves next to you, with some co-leader yahoos telling you to bounce up and down and to connect with other people and then to go faster between every other pole (and call it “pole dancing”), then you do it. And you wanted to, even if you didn’t realize you wanted to. Afterwards, you’re glad you did it, even if you didn’t realize how good it was while you were trying not to puke going up the hills. It’s as amazing, and as simple as that. Call it Pole Dancing, show up together, try something new, and boom…BOOOM! It’s so good.

Speaking of poles–we also gave out the original wooden pole, or the Positivity Award to our good friend Louise Domenitz, who deserved the shit out of that legendary wooden oar handle. She’s great, and if you haven’t shared a hug or a conversation or a hill or a stadium section with her, we encourage you to #justshowup and do that.

monday workout

We will be meeting at Porter Square T station (outside!) on Monday 1/27 at 6:29am. Check the map, get yourself there, and don’t miss this. It’ll be fun, hard, social, and great. MAP HERE.

next wednesday

…is PR day in the stadium. Yes it’s winter, but what better way to set your very first PR of 2020? What if we declared that 2020 is the year for brand new PRs? As in, no matter what you’ve ever run before, start with a clean slate of fastest times and stadium accomplishments. Don’t ride the wave of what you did 3 years ago–instead declare what you can do THIS year. It’s a challenge, and it starts next Wednesday! 5:30 & 6:30am in Harvard Stadium. Get ready to race. Ready? Set… see you then.

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