Find Your Tribe (VB)

Find a group of people that challenge and inspire you, laugh and cry with you, always sweat and sometimes puke with you. You know you have found your tribe when you are with people that embrace your crazy, tolerate your quirks and love you unconditionally.  Spend one morning or years with those people and it will change your life forever.

This morning we welcomed many new friends that joined us for the first time. Hopefully they come back again, sorry / not sorry your first day was PR Day! Seeing new faces invigorates the tribe, reminding us all what it was like that first time we decided to #justshowup to our first workout. The fear of the unknown and stepping out of your comfort zone is so much harder as an adult. We can’t just make a new batch of friends at the beginning of every school year. Cheers to you, newbies, that took the chance of walking into a group of potential weirdos that make you do a ridiculous amount of burpees. Wait, that’s us!

We also said goodbye to some great friends that are leaving us.  It’s hard to see our tribe members go, but we take great pride in the time that we had them here.  Farewell, to the one that stalked for over a year, too afraid to show up, finally did, got to hang for a month, and now has to move away! We’ll miss you Katie.  And to you, Mister badass community leader, sharing the love of all things Norfolk & Running, now leaving to share your love of health & fitness by fixing broken hearts…Kick Ass Reid!  The sweaty workouts together, and stories shared will remain long after you are both gone. 

Just remember, it’s never to late to #justshowup , never too late to make that long overdue homecoming, never to late to make new friends, never to late to change your life! 

**Copy and paste this pitch & send it to a friend, coworker, family member that has been wanting to come but holding out on showing up. You may have been trying to recruit them forever, but perhaps THIS is the time it works!

What’s up, ____________ , you know that November Project group I workout with? Yeah, well I’d love for you to join me next week. If you meet me, I promise not to stand you up if you don’t stand me up. I promise to workout with you so you don’t feel awkward or alone. I promise to introduce you to at least 10 badass people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet. Lastly, I promise if you just show up one time, you’ll probably want to come back. You in???

See you tonight – Joint Social with Norfolk Run Club – Torch Bistro Ghent – 6:20pm

~Love Jill

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