Welcome Willie, Birthday Bob

Winnipeg Notes:
-PEG City Scramble, Thursday

When I say ‘oh’ you say ‘yeah’

OH YEAH! What a great morning! We brought on a 3rd leader! Willie “Oh Yeah” Mac, is here! But we will circle back to that later in the blog, so put a pin in that hype. This morning we ran PR (hopefully the maps made it clearer than last time), y’all pushed and crushed it. Also this morning, my Dad, Bob turned 60! So I made him wear a helium balloon during the workout, and we did 60 of a whole bunch of exercises! Happy Birthday Dad, thanks for being a good sport!

60 years young. Dad, you’re a champ.
Just look at me, I was a beautiful baby. Oh wait, this is supposed to be about Bob, here he is about half a lifetime ago, but again real quick, I was dang cute.

Today Jody won the Positivity Award, she comes to the workout consistently, she is fit as hell (I mean, bicep and burpee goals, right?!), she is friendly and we are glad she is here.

Who? Me?!
So happy, so deserved.
Thank you Yvette for helping us lay down those fresh clean tags.
Thank you Mel, for the fireeee photos.

Things are rolling up fast and furious, so let’s review what we’ve got coming!
Tomorrow: PEG City Scramble IV, show up with your team, or solo, and we’ll find a team for you!

Run. Don’t walk to the PEG City Scramble.

Next week is the birthday! It’s gonna be soooooo fun! Everyone come! Share it on your socials, recruit your friends and enemies. The birthday is at the Forks, DO NOT go to the Investors Group Stadium. I repeat, FORKS- YES, IG Stadium – NO!

I wanted to get a photo of our new leader, leading, but Scott insists on being at the front of every group. Facepalm.

Now here’s a message, from your newest leader:

Dear Diary,

I’m sorry we haven’t talked in a while. Today is a very happy day, I’m overcome with excitement for the future. Megan and Derek have given me the opportunity to succeed. Succeed in my weirdness. As I’m sure you’ve noticed that my definition of normal is much different than most. I hope everyone at November Project really understands what they’re in for…. I hope my weird lets everyone be the best version of their weird!!

Last time we spoke I was nervous about switching jobs twice in six months but everything happens for a reason! I was able to get back to November Project after taking a 5 month hiatus, which was bunk, and get the November Project feeling back!!

In conclusion, I’m pumped!!! Also the 5th Birthday is on June 5th which is my 2 year Nov-versary sooooooo I’m going to bug all the awesome people in my life to come share the hype!!

Best Regards

Oh Yeah

-Willie Mac Don’t Look Back

That’s the face of someone who’s fired up.
That’s it, that’s all. See you tomorrow.

-Awkward hands M

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3 Replies to “Welcome Willie, Birthday Bob”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Oh Yeah new co-leader!!!! You are so awesome and cute, a bright light in our lives and others too!!
    Love, Mom xoxo

  2. Congratulations Willie . Great experiences create great leadership.
    Enjoy and you aren’t wired, just entertaining

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