rock paper scissors 2.0 (Ottawa)

Okay so GIANT human rock-paper-scissors. We cannot take credit for this workout as it was created and tested in Boston before travelling and making it’s way to Ottawa. But let us tell you there is nothing more hilarious than watching all of you become a human ball aka rock, create alligator arms to replicate scissors or make some sort of a large star that is supposed to resemble a piece of paper.

It really did not matter if you won, lost or even tied. Well it kind of mattered because it affected which side of the hill you made your way down in hopes to make it back up again.

Maybe your legs were still recovering from Ottawa Race weekend. Whether you were cheering, racing, walking or running around the city trying to spot friends and family along the course, this weekends past events may have taken it out of you. So, maybe you needed this morning for the people and not necessarily for the sweat. You wanted to show up to hug, high-five, congratulate and connect with those who you may have met for the first time or saw cheering you on over the weekend.
Thanks for sharing your morning, your smiles and your energy with us.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz

Here is what’s going on in the weeks to come: Get your calendars out!

  1. We are having a Picnic Potluck this Thursday 6pm at Dow’s Lake area (Lakeside in the tulips) It involves eating on blankets and having a picnic/potluck with all your favourite people.
  2. Yearbook photos: Next Wednesday it also happens to be #internationalrunningday so wear what you feel is appropriate for that day
  3. We are meeting outside the stadium next week

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