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On a day like PR day, it’s hard to not feel the hype and excitement… or was that just the 99% humidity we were feeling this morning.  Some say it was like creating your own shower, others described it as swimming through soup, and still others thought it was a perfect day to sweat-slide your way to a Personal Record.  It was hard today, but plenty of people showed up and brought home their fastest/farthest stadium effort to date.

But after the hype of PR day has come and gone…what else is there to feel hyped up and excited about?  Is it JUST that one day a month we get all giddy about and then simmer down until the next last Wed of the month?

Fuck no.

“The top 5 things to get hyped about today” list is here for your HYPE UP pleasure:

#5  November Project Summit  September 14-16, 2018


This is the event, just like a big family reunion, where lots and lots of people from NP tribes around the whole wide world all converge in one city for The North Face Endurance Challenge.  This year it’s in Milwaukee and it’s a perfect time to sign up–register for any of the amazing trail distances, from 5k all the way up to 50 miles.  Use code “NP20” and get yourself and all your friends there.  You won’t regret going and you’ll most definitely FOMO your face off if you don’t.

#4 Global Climbing Day August 18, 2018. Free climbing at local gyms, powered by @thenorthfaceGlobal Climbing DaySome people build walls,
other people climb them.
Since 1966, we’ve seen walls not as obstacles but as opportunities.
They are a chance to explore what we believe to be possible.
They are a vertical proving ground for grit, perseverance, and determination.
They taught us to trust, to work together, to create safety in partnership.
They are mirrors that reflect the best versions of ourselves.
Walls do not divide us, walls bring us together.
Walls are meant for climbing.

Join The North Face in celebrating the walls that unite us, not divide us on 8.18.2018 for Global Climbing Day. #ClimbWalls

Find your spot for local, free climbing for Global Climbing Day: www.thenorthface.com/walls

#3 PR Hills August 11, 2018

Monthly opportunities to race ourselves to measure and appreciate our progress as runners, athletes, and badass human beings.  We race 3 full hills, up and over the Summit Ave. hill every second Friday of the month.  We’re also hyping early for the prizes for PRs in August.  Anyone earning a PR will get to go swimming in the pool at our friends’ Grace & Micah’s house at the top of the hill.

#2 FROGUST every Wednesday in August

FROGUST!!!  FROGUST!!!  It’s one of our favorite stadium workouts: Frogman1, and it’s all month long.  If 50 sections feels like too big of a challenge for your workout, then you can aim for Tadpoleman, which is 30 sections.  Polywogman is 40 sections.  Frogman is 50 sections.  And Bullfrogman is 60 sections.  The hype is huge–just ask anyone who’s been at NP_BOS during the last two years in August.  It’s a guarantee to be hard, and something you can see and feel your progress at every single week.  You definitely don’t want to miss it.  First Wed. of Frogust is one week from today!

and the #1 thing to get hyped about today is…

SUNRISE 6k Monday July 30, 2018

We’re hosting a 5:30 and 6:30am start time for the NP-famous 6k distance foot race.  Starting point is at Weeks Footbridge, spanning the river between Boston & Cambridge.  There will be prizes, there will be fun, fitness, and great human beings.  It’s racing for everyone.  Every. One. All people.  No exceptions.  #JustShowUp this race is for you!

Okay, consider yourselves hyped.  Show up to any and everything.  It’ll all be way more fun with you!

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