every minute counts (ORL)

#angelface here. since i missed the first third of today’s workout (#alarmfail), i’m just gonna use my imagination:

fresh from multiple PRs during the warm up lap, the #rungang group gathered with the other tribe members under a sleek, air conditioned bubble that ray and stefano built out of pasta.
while waiting for dyani to alight from her la croix-powered hoverbike, everyone took the initiative and started doing all their make up homework (#gunsnbuns), while enjoying popsicles and hardly breaking a sweat.
once dyani arrived, welcomed the first-timers (woohoo!), and led the most perfect bounce ever (did we hear trumpets?), staci inquired, “the way the sun is rising over the lake, over clouds that are formed in the shape of a delicate squat jump… it feels like a good day for a burpee warmup! what do you think?”
so teams formed, balls were passed, and smiles pervaded the plaza level as everyone hoped that dawn would casually outburpee everyone with her astronaut moon-shoes and jump from dock to dock. with the warm up over, the group was ready for the main course… does that all sound about right?
i finally arrived and pushed each and every one through an all-new, gnarly, slimy, #minuteonminuteoff workout comprised of quick circuits of pushups, russian twists, hoistees, dips, leg throws, salsa lunges, and even more burpees… the tribe worked hard and left it all out there! some of you left more than others.
i must commend my co-leader dyani for handling this morning’s delay with grace and fierceness, and i’m proud of the group for attacking that crazy circuit and earning your wednesdays!
don’t forget that we’re fundraising for “canine companions” at chipotle on tuesday, july 31! details here:
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