What Makes a PR? (LAX)

I took a look at how Boston phrased PR day because like many others, I sometimes look to the mother tribe for advice.  First and foremost, PR day is the day you race against YOURSELF.  Every single person is different.  Sure, we dig it when you push one another, when we are right there going up those hills pushing you and you are pushing us.  We all love it when we do PR and get that extra rep, that extra step, and that extra burpee.

But first and foremost, it’s about how you decided to show up that morning.  Every “race day” is different and you have to take in the surroundings whether it’s weather, your mental/physical/emotional state and decide how you want to conquer the day.

Every PR course around the world is going to be different.  Every time you run this course, you’re going to feel different.  I like to think that every day and every month is a new opportunity to be better.  Sure, you may not always get another rep or another set of burpees accomplished but maybe you DO get another 1/4 run, another recruit (I think the award for most recruits during a workout goes to Ambassador or Mayor Jeff this morning…), another burpee, ran with foggy glasses, or ran on little sleep (though not encouraging that…just giving it as an example as many of us have been there)

PR day is yes, running up and down a steep AF hill and powering through rounds of burpees.  But it’s also a time to show yourself some love and appreciate that you are out there sweating alongside other folks, dishing out some high fives, and living it up as the sun rises on a Wednesday morning.

For all of you who showed up this morning for the warm humid morning, thank you.  Thank you for being here.


Friday – Meeting at 6am in Santa Monica at the Tongva Park. Tracker/Pin HERE.

August – There’s some cool shit happening. #prehypeHYPE

JULY SOCIAL EVENT!!! – Joel has created an epic social for this month…YOGA at the awesome Modo LA Studio. Click HERE for the Signup

North Face Endurance Challenge CA: Sign up.  It’ll be fun.

NP SUMMIT  – Still looking to go?  SIGN UP!  Teams >> handy dandy Google Excel Doc and register >> right here! (Test out “NP20”).  I just signed up.  So pumped.  Are you pumped?

Fun Fact:  In the line of Jesse bringing Dunkin Donuts this morning, did you know that wasn’t company’s first name?  It was originally called Open Kettle. Jazzy, right?

Do Good LA.

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