Farewell Beachtober (LAX)

A poem to add closure to Beachtober

So the end of another epic month,

where all of us gathered in a bunch.

we huddled around, stomped our feet to the ground,

and we yelled fuck yeah’s way before lunch.

The seagulls were a flocking,

with beach bums in the life guard tower rocking,

a woman left her bra, this is who we are,

we we race we are clocking.

The sunrise welcomed of the sea,

making not  one friend but three.

First I met John and then I met John

who knew there were so many John’s to be.

We finalized our sandy days,

these Friday morning butterflies aren’t a faze.

With sandy seal hugs and tasteful photo mugs

We will look back at Beachtober with craze.






BETTER THAN BEDTIME- Nov 8th, sometime around sunset into the night.  Block the time on your calendars and seriously stay tuned for lots of info by Monday.  Find your partners & groups so you can get going on your costumes*. Or rock your costume solo, JUST COME! — we already know you have the costume skills to throw down, well maybe.  The theme is Black & White…Newspaper.  You are amazing human beings and we cannot wait to run with you, socialize with you, and take over the world with you. The tribe is strong!



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