Boston #NPHalloween

I don’t need to start a trash talking war here between us in Boston and all the other tribes, who think they’re bigger, badder, badassier, cooler, nicer, prettier, tougher, weatherproofier, weirder, funnier, or better than us.

If what I’m about to say starts that war…it’s not on me.

All I need to say in this little blog today is that the Boston November Project Tribe is the shit.  It was the first, we all know that.  But that was almost 4 years ago now, and this Tribe keeps growing.  We get faster and more fit all the time.  We get both younger and older.  We certainly make babies, get married, and … well, we’re pretty sure some hot hook ups happen too.  And this is the big one: this Tribe gets it.

Boston knows how to bring the weird.  We know how to get creative, answer the challenge to become edible items, food, or whatever you put in your mouth for Halloween.  We know how to still show up on a chilly Halloween-eve morning and run our pants off, while dressed as fucking food.  Boston knows how to keep showing up and how to infiltrate every other tribe in this darn continent with our members who have “moved on” to bigger and better things in life, and bring the hometown weird to all those cities’ celebrations of Halloween.  You know you’re in Boston when you do the costume parade before the group photo and 92% of the tribe gets up to be IN the parade.  Boston knows how to race with the best of them, and brings a fierceness to everything we do.  It seriously warms my heart, gives me goosebumps, and makes me so proud to be part of the Boston Tribe.  Boston knows what it means to be #weatherproof.  We let nothing stand in our way.  And seriously, Boston sets the standard for so many other tribes, for tough & fun workouts, badass people, and being a community you want to be a part of.  If you’re from here, you want to keep showing up forever.  And when you visit, you want to stick around because this Tribe is deeply wonderful. I know it, I’m gushing…but what the fuck?  It’s true.  And if there was ever a day to tell the stinking truth, it’s Halloween Eve.  umm, of course!

Our 3, 5, 7 Full Frontal hills this morning was a perfect example of #NP_BOS being the shit.  Racers challenged themselves to set & reach a goal, even if it was hard, and even if their costumes made it much harder/sweatier/weirder to run.  Be proud of your hill repeat score today and post away on the tracker.

Our Costume game was on point and y’all should 100% check the Facebook album for some true social media #gold.

MONDAY Destination Decks are exploring college campuses around Boston and in three short days we’ll stealthily meet, bounce, hug, sweat, and disappear from Boston College.  See the tracker for the exact location and to state your verbal commitment to show up.  It’ll help you show up when you verbal.  Do it now, before you begin the binge on Halloween candy or pumpkin flavored beer and feel too bloated and self-judgmental to show up.  We’ll see you on Monday.

Better Than Bedtime is still on Nov 8th, sometime between 12pm and 9pm.  Block the time on your calendars and seriously stay tuned for lots of info by Monday.  Find your partners & groups so you can get going on your costumes*. Or rock your costume solo, JUST COME! — we already know you have the costume skills to throw down.  The theme is Black & White…Yin & Yang.  You are amazing human beings and we cannot wait to run with you, socialize with you, and take over the world with you.

*bonus challenge: we know you’re all creative as fuck, so we want to see what a yin yang costume for 10+ people looks like.

Have an amazing weekend and remember that we want to see you on Monday because you’re healthy, happy and alive–so enjoy the weekend and also be kind to others, responsible for yourselves, and change the world in positive ways.

BOO (M).


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