Haunted Hills

This morning was pretty, preeettty, preeeettttty good. Not only because a whole bunch of you showed up on a dark street corner at half-past early as all hell, in costume, to crush hills, but also because its the third time I’ve gotten to do that with you. Today marked two years that I’ve been working out with you crazy kids, and two years since I picked up and left New York. I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back. Getting to know you folks over the past two years has been amazing, but whats been even better has been getting to watch you all get to know each other. If you ignore the workouts, the PRs, the calories burned, the sunrises witnessed, and the goals achieved, it’s all been so very very worth it if only for the the connections, friendships and relationships made. The 5 minutes before each workout starts where I get to stand aside and watch you all enjoy each other, and meet each other, is without question the best part of my day. So thank you to everyone for making the last two years so fucking awesome.

-Just Clayton

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