Fall Attendance Challenge: Live Hardcore (MSP)

In the classic 2003 movie School of Rock, Jack Black’s character Dewey Finn learns that the classroom where he’s posing as a substitute teacher has a sticker chart to track good and bad behavior. If you don’t recall, take two minutes to rewatch the scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbF4qz_-PCM.

As Dewey Finn taught his rocker students, you’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore. Here in MSP, we like challenges that are both harcore and a little ridiculous (#Y4Q4, Week of Wonder). So yesterday we introduced the 2018 Fall Attendance Challenge. Like School of Rock, we have a fancy (handmade) chart and stickers. Unlike School of Rock, we won’t rip up the chart or swap workouts for band practice. This is about maintaining accountability as the temps drop and the days get shorter.

When that alarm blares on a Wednesday or Friday morning, a collective groan echoes through the Twin Cities and WE KNOW you’re reconsidering coming to NP. “Just show up” isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. But, your presence (each and every one of you) at a workout makes November Project what it is: a community of hardcore individuals pushing each other, supporting each other, hugging, high-fiving, and sharing the early moments of the day through fitness.

Summer: “How do we get gold stars if we just have recess?”

This is a non-merit-based system. Show up and you’ve earned a sticker. Before or after the workout, get a sticker and add it to the chart. If you bring a newbie, you’ve earned a BONUS STICKER.

Dewey: “What are these black dots here?”
Leonard: “Demerits.”

Don’t worry, no black dots. No demerits. Just goofy stickers and a good old fashioned challenge. Drop a #verbal and get out of bed.

Dewey: “What kind of sick school is this?” (And other FAQs)

Do I get six bonus stickers for bringing six new people? 
-No. Maximum one bonus sticker per day. Still bring all six, just bring six more next week, too. 

Can I get my sticker at coffee?

What’s the prize?
-Mostly the pride of seeing a string of stickers after your name, but also other things that will be announced as the weeks go by. But really, we encourage you to adopt the attitude of Summer, class factotum:

Dewey: “Summer, you get an A+ and fifty gold stars!”
Summer: “I didn’t do it for the grade.”

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