The End of the Light Season (YEG)

Well, the time has come. We’re at the official end of the light season. That’s right. Starting next Wednesday, we’ll be back at the Royal Glenora Stairs. The first day there is fun since it always hurts.

This time every year, I look back at how grateful we are to the people at the City of Edmonton who believe in what we’re doing to let us host workouts at the stadium. And, in particular, even more importantly, how grateful we are to have the amazing staff at Commonwealth who open the gate for us, in the early hours of the morning. As we mentioned in the announcements, if you have any thank you notes you’d like to pass along, bring them on Friday because we’ll be delivering it to them later that day. 

Things I’ve learned from today.

  • Andrew’s strategy for winning race day is to convince the winners to move out of town. Many years ago, he would get beat by a kid named Billy. Andrew convinced Billy, and even helped him with his application to a program out in Florida. But once Seumas came along, Andrew had to get a lot more creative. As you all know, he created this giant plan for him to fall in love and move to Ottawa. And while we may question his methods, he has certainly outwitted and outlasted those two.
  • Speaking of outwitting and outlasting, Survivor is now accepting Canadian applicants to the show. So, I’m going to end this blog so I can start working on my application.


Friday – We’ll be at Walterdale Hill for some good ol’ stair running. Optional to bring those thank you notes, and also any gently used clothes and socks for our NP Giveback. Clothes go in the truck. Socks in the Socks Bocks… Sox Box? Box Sox?

Next Wednesday: We’ll be at the RG Stairs. Don’t forget.

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