Excited? (YEG)

Are you excited? I have been asked this many times over the last few weeks as the Boston Marathon draws near.

This question is so loaded.

The easy answer – yes. I am super excited.

The more complex answer – insert stunned stare emoji

As I cross off the dates on my training calendar and April 16th creeps closer and closer to my orange highlighter I feel many emotions.

I feel relief that the balancing act of honouring a marathon training cycle while also honouring quality time with my family, a job I love, and staying healthy will be complete.

I feel proud for completing a full marathon training cycle while balancing the other spaces of my life and the climate we train in and for completing all of my long runs outdoors!

I feel naive as I don’t know that I can fully fathom the scale of the Boston marathon until I am actually there, waiting in the athlete’s village to head to my corral.

I feel nervous and anxious about toeing the start line, in a good way, in a butterflies in my stomach, its Christmas Eve kind of way.

I feel victorious already for having made it to the start line, for working my butt off to qualify. This is my victory lap.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for each and every person who has helped me get to Boston. While running is an individual sport, I get to experience Marathon Monday only because I have the most amazing, supportive people around me who have shared in the journey. Long runs, listening to me lament about how cold my long run was, early morning alarms that wake more than just me, extra early alarms so that I have someone to add distance with before NP, words of encouragement when I am discouraged…I could write a whole blog post on this one point but I won’t…you get the point. You will all be with me for those 42 km.

 I can’t say I feel super excited to pound the pavement for 42.2 km, or run up hills over those 42.2 km, or worry about porta-potties but it’s all a part of the experience, right?

Excited? I get excited when I think about my goals for this race. I don’t have a solid time goal, this race is different from most for me as a finish time is low on my goal list.  My goals are attached to emotions that I want to feel during my Boston Marathon experience.

I feel a real sense of excitement when I think about running through the NP cheer station, anticipating the sounds, the familiar faces, the high fives, and the cheers as I pass by proudly in my grassroots gear.

I feel a real sense of excitement when I think about crossing the iconic finish line and being able to proudly wear a Boston Marathon Champion’s jacket.

I feel a real sense of excitement as I anticipate seeing Rob after I cross the finish line and seeing the pride in his eyes.

I feel a real sense of excitement as I think about Krista, Ava and Stella cheering me on at the finish line, adding another shared memory to our Boston collection.

These are the moments that I dream about. This is where my excitement comes from. I just happen to have to run 42.2 km to make them happen 😉

I didn’t run stairs today but loved cheering you on! It was great to see all of your faces for the full 30 minutes. Spring, it is coming. The sun is getting up early even if the snow isn’t going away!

#justshowup 6 AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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