Everyone Summits (ORL)

The beginning of the year can be an uphill struggle. While we hope to make good progress toward our New Year’s Resolutions, recover from the pressures and pounds of the holidays, and enjoy nestling in the warmth of our beds every morning, we can all count on the fact that these Wednesday workouts give us the motivation and encouragement to get up, get out, and get connected. So no matter how much you want to drag your feet, seem to lose your stride, or get frustrated and give up, just know that when you’re with your tribe, #everyonesummits. No one gets left behind.

This week brought the return of an old favorite, the #everestchallenge, where we collectively tallied up cumulative burpees while the rest of the team executed shuttle runs and core work. A last minute change of venue brought us to the fountain next to Publix for a tight, compact arena where we pushed each other to rack up those points, with one group coming out victorious!

The main workout was sandwiched by a birthday bear crawl warm up and then a raucous RPS battle where our very own Naomi earned herself a TNF prize pack with a well-timed Rock.

We continued our #recruitingchallenge and kept collecting those raffle tickets, hoping to win some sweet TNF bags and hats, Jaybird wireless earbuds, and Knockaround shades. Want your shot? Then reach out to those co-workers, neighbors, gym buddies, aunts, nephews, and puppies… and bring them out to Baldwin Park for some fun, free, fitness. Let’s reach those goals together.


  • Training partners, race discount codes, and other fun events can be found on our facebook Social Group. 
  • Looking to run an epic course, through the night, with a few of your closest friends?Take $100 off any US Ragnar Relay race with this promo code: NOVPROJECT2019.
  • Check out the redesigned #NPcorporate website here, with details about our non-profit status, sponsors, and history.

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