The Great Skate FAQ’s

How much does it cost?
Where do I pay?
Can I prepay online?

The Great Skate is FREE! Zero, zilch, nadda!

Where do I register?
What if I haven’t registered yet?
Can you tell me where the link to online registration is?

There is no registration, you #justshowup. Come to the Forks at 8am on Sunday, February 3rd to sign a waiver and get your race bibs and you are race ready for the race start at 9am.

I’m really slow at skating, should I race?
Can my friend push me in a chair?
I only want to race 3km, will there be a race for me?
I’m super fast, will there be people for me to race against?

Yes! You should ALL race! All levels welcome. We have beginner and elite level skaters competing every year. There is only the 6km race distance, but if you want to turn around early, you are more than welcome to. And if you’re wicked fast we guarantee there’ll be other speedsters for you to go toe to toe with.

Where can I find the results?
Will there be chip timing?
Is this an official SSC certified event?

This is a low (no) tech event. It is a rogue, grassroots affair. We do not time the race, we only track to the top 3 male and female finishers.

Can I race in my speed skating blades?
Can I race with my dog?
Can I run beside the race course?
Can I ride my bike?
Can I race in a go-kart?

Only racers wearing normal skates are eligible for the top finisher prizes. If you race in speed skates/ with a dog/ on a bike you are not eligible for a prize (and no we will not make a new category for you). We strongly encourage participants to race in skates but if you choose to race with a dog or bike, etc please keep in mind the safety and comfort of the other participants.

What if it’s cold?
What if it’s really cold?
What if it’s cold and windy?
How will I know if you cancel the race?

We are #weatherproof. We will be racing no matter the weather, so bundle up. If it’s cold, really cold or even super cold the race will go on. (The only situation that would cause us to modify – not cancel – the race is if the ice is closed because it’s too warm, but that does not seem likely).

Will this event be instagram-able?
Will I get that fire content?
Am I likely to get a dope new profile picture?

Heck yes! We have a super talented photographer and videographer lined up to get you that fire emoji, money with wings emoji, heart eyes emoji content.

I am injured, should I come?
Can I bring my child to watch and cheer?
I cannot skate and do not want to try and learn, should I show up?

Yes! Everyone come out to the race. We need more volunteers, so reach out if you’re willing to help out. Or just come and cheer and hang out and bask in the glow if the Great Skate hype.

I’m slow and there’s no way I can win a prize, why should I even come?
How likely am I to win a prize?
How can I increase my chance of winning a prize?

Number 1, shame on you, it’s not all about the prizes. Everyone who attends the race is guaranteed the three prizes of fun, fitness and friends. Number 2, there will prizes for the top 3 male and female finishers AND a random draw of all other participants AND another draw for the NPer’s who have been showing up through the month of January, AND you have two more chances to come to the workout on Wednesday and Friday and get your name in the draw.  Our generous sponsors The North Face have hooked us up again, you wont be disappointed. 

What’s happening afterwards?
What’s there to eat?
Is the Commons fun?

After the race we will all congregate in the Commons for food, drink and prizes. We are not doing a great skate brunch this year because there are so many delicious options at the Commons. Get a pizza at Red Ember, get a breakfast burger at Nuburger, get a cinnamon bun at Tall Grass Prairie Bakery, try out the breakfast at Danny’s All Day Breakfast, get a flight of beer from the Commons, try a coffee at Fools and Horses. The world is your oyster, so eat up. We cannot reserve tables but we will all try to sit in a block of tables together. The afterparty at the Commons is always rockin’ so be sure to stick around!

Registration at 8am.
Race at 9am.
All welcome.
Afterparty at the Commons.

The Wednesday workout is at the same bat time and same bat channel, it is PR we will be in the parking garage. There is a popup workout on Friday at 6:14am at the Forks for our visiting leaders. We will be unveiling more surprises and hype as the week goes on, so stay tuned.

This is our premier event of the winter, we have been working so hard to make the Great Skate great for you. So please, show up! In the words of the unparalleled Dan Graham:

“It is now on you people to go spread how amazing you are, to where ever you go. You need to be that ambassador to the next group, ok, because we need them to come to the workout [Great Skate] and we need them to realize how great this is, and we need them to bring their families and their dad’s and their mom’s, and their ugliest worst fattest uncles. We need ’em all. Because as you guys know. THIS. SHIT. IS. GOOD.”

See you on Sunday.

The Queen in the North, Megan Cora Hunter

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