PR Day: some people love it, some people hate it, some people are scared of it. So why do we do it? We wanted to pick the brains of our tribe members who consistently show up and look forward to PR Day month-after-month. We hope this will not only get PR Day fans #HYPED for tomorrow but also resonate with those of us who dread this workout and provide a fresh perspective. So without further ado – take it away, Westside!!

From the minute the PR day bounce starts, the energy rises and we all begin to feel invincible. It’s game day. The scoreboard is lit up and it’s time to party. This is why we put in the work… for gameday!

It keeps me motivated to push myself every time I workout because I love the feeling of breaking an old PR, so when something gets tough and I wanna quit, I remind myself ‘yeah, but crushing one more lap here will shave a couple seconds off my time’ and I suddenly want to grind it out for that new PR! Sometimes it won’t happen and that’s fine; that’s fuel for the fire. But often it will, and it’s an awesome chance to take a second and appreciate all of your hard work.

PR day should be taken as an opportunity to measure how far you’ve become or as a starting point. It’s you versus you, and it’s up to you to determine your fate as to what you want to do to better yourself. Showing up this day feels the hardest because you know the challenge of the course that’s coming. But when you decide to do it anyway, you realize all you don’t know: whose shout of encouragement will give you that extra burst of energy to get up the stairs, whose steady pace will inspire you to keep it up on the track, or who you’ll pass on that same spot that might need it most—even if you don’t know their name yet.

What’s so wonderful about it is that you’re not alone in this endeavor. It’s a day filled with a little extra November Project WLA magic that you can’t find anywhere else. Something about the energy of Drake Stadium on PR day is electric. It showcases the best qualities of our tribe, everyone is so supportive and encouraging, cheering you on the whole way through.

When the stairs challenge you or you don’t think you can run any faster on the track, look up and someone is there waiting with a high five or a hell yeah. If you don’t like being further back in the pack, remember you’re competing against yourself and no one else. It’s not about who finishes first or last, but the team effort that gets you to the cheer tunnel finish.

It adds a little competition to the group, either with yourself or with other awesome NP people, and you have the chance to improve on your time each month. It’s the perfect opportunity to push a little harder than you would at other workouts and it’s so much fun because the extra energy from everyone is incredible.

It is our only workout that shows me how much better I am getting every month. I get to push myself on a consistent track and compete against my own time, gives me a sense of accomplishment.

It was so unexpected to find a community that is so invested in the success and progression of every runner. The people make such a difference – I would not be able to complete PR day without the high fives and words of encouragement the whole way. The camaraderie of the tribe is in full presence to support your PR goals, whether it has been achieved or not.

I’ve got a little love-hate relationship with it. I’m not fast; I’m a distance and endurance runner.  I’ll take a half-marathon over a 5K any day. But in my 45 years, I’ve learned that what I hate is actually exactly what I need to learn to love. It’s a tough workout and no matter how many times you do it, it never quite seems to get easier. When you push through to the end and come out with a new PR? That’s an amazing feeling. And when you don’t get a new PR and you’re able to make it to the light at the end of the cheer tunnel? Also an amazing feeling.

It’s unrealistic to always beat your best. But, you can always give your best that day. No matter what else you have going on in your life, if you have given your best that day then you have succeeded. It’s the easiest win you can get. All you have to do is show up and try.

Even though on every PR day I want to ignore my alarm and sleep in, I can’t resist that tunnel of runners who have finished ahead of me, cheering me on as I go up that last set of steps. I get up out of bed and tell myself that I actually love that feeling I think I hate, and I run towards it.

It’s a reminder to me that yes, we are here to build a community and friendships, but more importantly, that our community also deeply cares about our personal improvement and progress. It is a necessary aspect of our community, and a valuable measure which we can use to challenge our own selves. Because without a challenge, are we even growing?

Anybody can run by themself with a stopwatch. PR day is my check-in with myself. It allows me to see how I’m progressing. Sometimes I’m faster. Other times, slower. But being able to look around me and see everyone pushing themselves to their own personal best, gives me strength. That “you got this” propels me further than you think. I make sure that people know that I see their effort and cheer them on every chance I get.

One of my favorite PR day memories was when a friend who had already finished the workout kept me company on my last lap around the track. PR day inspires a special sort of camaraderie, where even when you’ve just killed yourself to finish the workout you’ll still run that last lap again with a friend.

I love seeing early finishers giving fellow tribe members that extra push that they wish they had when they first started. I love that after 3 grueling sets of drake stadiums and 4 victory laps around the track every tribe member (whether first or last) is met with a sweaty tunnel of smiles, support, and unconditional love.

We push ourselves physically and mentally every week with every workout.  PR day is an awesome way to measure the greatness that we have achieved throughout the past month. Also the high five bridge at the end makes you feel like a rockstar.

PR day is tough, I can’t lie. But honestly, so is life, right? I just focus on how good and accomplished I feel in the end and seeing how far I’ve come in the last month is always so rewarding and humbling. After conquering the challenge, it feels so easy to hit the curveballs life throws you right out of the park. I love no matter where you are in your life journey, good or bad, you can put it all aside and challenge yourself, see what you’re capable of, and see the monthly improvements from crazy 6:30 am workouts. It just creates a positive snowball effect in my life. If I can only make one Wednesday in a month, I kinda want it to be PR Day. I don’t know why. If I miss PR Day, I feel like I cheated myself a little bit.

PR day encompasses everything we love about the November Project. It’s where pushing yourself to the limit is somehow fun. It’s where support and encouragement are infectious. It’s where ambitious goals can come to fruition. It’s where positivity trumps negativity. It’s where you can feel like a stronger version of yourself is emerging. And most importantly, it’s where my favorite community of people is.

Bottom line, it’s pretty cool that people come to PR day (and NP in general) to track their progress and better themselves without anyone else “making” them, but even cooler that we inevitably better each other in the process.

If you PR tomorrow, awesome. If you don’t, that’s awesome too. But your part in the cheer tunnel, your shouts of encouragement, the energy you bring by just grinding on the stairs next to someone else, is going to push another to do better. Sure, it’s Personal Record Day, but we’re also a team, and tomorrow is Game Day. Who’s ready?!

Huge thank you to Caylin, Anthony, Daniel, Jessie, Adam, Steph, Jonathan, Rocky, Paria, Joey, Carolyn, Jenna, Lauren, Jason x2, Dana, Warren, John, Dave, and everyone else for geeking out about PR Day with us!

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