Everyone likes running stairs right?

Today, we went back to Champsion Square or better known to some of us as HOME. What did we do to celebrate our “Domecoming”?  We ran a lot of stairs. And after we finished running stairs, we took a break, and ran some more stairs! Eating-up stairs on a Wednesday morning is a two way street… For some tribe members, it was a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the good old days at the dome and the way things were way back when (aka 2 months ago).  For others, the morning was a distinct reminder of just how humbling a staircase can be.  Either way, the tribe unanimously agreed that it was a tough workout, the affects of which each of us will carry for a few days.


We had to take it easy on Cameron and Will this week too. Need to make sure they are in tip top shape for this weekend when they are kicking ass and taking names at the #NPSUMMIT. We are all looking forward to finally getting to meet the awesome NP members of North America. This is going to be an awesome experience.


Big shout out to our spirit award winner for the week.  George, you have been a committed member of our tribe and we appreciate you always showing up for workouts, regardless of the location, and helping build this community. You are the man!!

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