Everyone & Anyone (YEG)

This morning, as we gathered at the hill, an amazing group assembled made up of…

  • mothers & fathers
  • sisters & brothers
  • sons & daughters
  • newbies & veterans
  • veterans & civilians
  • professional athletes & just athletes
  • humans & canines
  • grandmas & future grandmas & future grandpas (not sure…maybe there were current grandpas too!)
  • students & teachers
  • giant lurches & mini-mites
  • teenagers & used-to-be-teenagers
  • cyclists & pedestrians & motorists
  • really fast runners & slow-and-steady walkers
  • casted legs & limping gaits
  • girls & boys

…and despite all of the diversity we came together at 6AM to be ONE tribe…running hills, supporting and encouraging one another, high 5ing & hugging, all the while we were also getting fitter. For half an hour we travelled up and down Emily Murphy Hill and we earned our weekend!!

This morning also a reminder that November Project is for EVERYONE!!! We gather, we work together, we hug, we are ONE amazing community full of amazing individuals and that’s why we’re FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Monday we meet at City Hall 5:59AM


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