Danger…What danger?? (YEG)

The sign says “Danger”…I asked in danger of what?

In danger of…

  • having a too much fun?
  • hugging too closely?
  • doing too many burpees?

Like the Lion King Simba says…”I laugh in the face of danger…ahahahahaha!”

This morning the tribe hunkered down and pulled out a 30 minute top-down tabata workout. What does that entail you ask? Well…here’s a quick summary:

5 Tabata sets with a lap around City Hall Square between each.

Tabatas 1-4 – Breaking the body up…top-down…

  • Tabata #1 – alternating  pushups & tricep dips
  • Tabata #2 – alternating  partner Hoisty’s & Superman back extensions or Aquaman back extensions\
  • Tabata #3 – alternating front plank & side plank
  • Tabata #4 – alternating squats & squat jumps

Final Tabata – Putting the body back together…

  • Tabata #5 – all burpees!!

See you Wednesday morning…we meet at the Royal Glenora Stairs at 5:59!


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