…everybody hands go up (YEG)

Flipping through the happy FB album (thank you once again, Steven, for making us the envy of the NP Universe!) I found myself humming that verse from “All I Do Is Win.” All those hands up and smiles on faces. Seems fitting because I think that every morning I spend with the tribe is a day I am winning.


I had a conversation with a colleague at work and his question to me was…”are you winning today?” I paused for a moment and thought about that question and while life isn’t perfect I can’t help but celebrate the gifts I have and my reply to him was, “yup, I think I’m winning this game of life right now.” I feel blessed each morning that I get to surround myself with incredible humans who inspire, motivate, challenge, and drive me to be better than when I woke up. Isn’t that really what we want to be accomplishing every day, to be slightly better than we were the day before. Maybe it’s because of a hard lesson we’ve learned through failure. Maybe is a new perspective we’ve gained because someone challenged us. Maybe we’ve grown because of the compassion we gave to someone hurting. Maybe it is because we were present for someone who just needed someone at their side. Our days provide us with endless opportunities to grow, learn, connect and simply become better. And while we also have days that we might now be super proud of something we did or said, the fact that we acknowledge it means we’ve grown.

Our life experiences shape us. I believe that every morning I leave NP I have been altered in the most positive way. I appreciate more the strength of my body, even on the really hard days. I appreciate more the power of community, a hug, and a smile. I appreciate more this amazing city that we live in. & I am grateful to each of you who contribute to all of that.

Today the tribe won at life as each one of you made it up and down Walterdale Hill on this balmy Friday morning!

#justshowup 6 AM

Monday – Bridge month continues. – meet you on Scona Road under the bridge (Old Timer’s Cabin might be a good place to park if you’re looking for a spot)

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill


February Challenge – #grassrootsgear around town

Limited details at this point but basically we want you to explore the city and its amazing events throughout the month of February and do so in your grassroots gear.

One event that a couple of your co-leaders are already signed up for is the Silver Skate Festival’s Edmonton Winter Triathlon on February 19. Join our team November Project Weatherproofers as we skate, ski & run through Hawrelak Park.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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