Every. Single. Time.

Every single time I wake up for NP and it’s DUMPING rain–or snow–or snain, I think to myself, “Awww. What the shit is this!? I don’t want to have to go out there in that.” 





Then what happens? I do it anyway. What am I reminded?! That shitty weather makes for THE BEST workouts.




Why? I don’t know…

I think it has to do with the fact that the crowd is next-level awesome. Smaller. More close-knit. And most importantly, a few notches up on the crazy-scale.

Seriously. Who in their right mind would’ve gone out this morning in torrential down-pours and 60 degree weather?! This group, that’s who:


Can I just say–I love this f*ckin’ group!? Look at ’em!!

We say it a lot–there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes. Well today, it didn’t matter what the #$@% you were wearing. You were gonna get soaked. Which is why as a warmup we played musical-benches mixed with jumping in puddles–’cause that’s normal. After that, the tone was set. The Tribe was all in. Smiles were abundant–hugs, a plenty. It was the definition of amazeballs.

Did WOO show up in a big way? Hell yes they did.

Did we jump in the Charles River? What do you think!?

Another thing we say a lot? “Sorry if you missed out.”
This morning I really mean it. Next time, don’t let the rain scare you. It’s about to be a wild ride that only the people that DID show up this morning can tell you all about.

See you Wednesday.

Much Love,
– C. Payne

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