Every Monday (BOS)

You guys, today was one of those Monday mornings that makes me get all excited to write a blog about. It was a perfect summer day in Boston–not too hot, and just warm enough to enjoy how beautiful it is. The sun was shining and bursting through the trees and we met up at the dock on the Esplanade. The Charles River is such a distinct and dope part of the whole city experience in Boston/Cambridge, it’s just a perfect place to feel like you’re experiencing the best of the city.

And tons of people showed up. The regulars who are there every Monday and a whole handful of newbies, and even a few of those “I haven’t been in a long time but this was great, I want to do this every week!” folks.

We did a couple of different circuits — one with partners running across the field and back while one partner stayed put and rotated through 4 exercises each time the partners switched. The other circuit was a progressive teamwork circuit, with station 1 needing only 1 person for 10 burpees, station 2 needing 2 for partner pushups, station 3 needing 3 for team toe-taps, and station 4 needing 4 for group sit ups.

There were also lots and lots of kind things that partners shouted to each other as they traded out spots, some unique and fantastic somersaults, and a few yahoos jumped into the river after the group photo.

It’s mornings like this that make us want EVERY MONDAY to be just like this. And the very best way to make every Monday like today is to show up. Just bring yourself, and have all the fun you can while working your ass off during the workout. You make the workouts happen, each and every one of you, EVERY single Monday.

next monday

July 15th at 6:29am, our next Monday workout will be at the Andrew Pupolo Athletic Field, in the north end. MAP right HERE.

sunrise 6k: July 22

Our next #sunrise6k race will be happening on July 22–but it won’t just be Boston–every single November Project city will be racing a #sunrise6k in July. Get excited about the hype, and the energy that is coming as all NP members, racers, humans will be racing this month!

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