Divide and Conquer (YEG)

It has been quite the weekend. It surely looks like we took the divide and conquer approach to everything. We had people off at Sin 7, some at the GWN Triathlon, others at the Edmonton10k, and even people as far as France spreading the good vibes of NP. I had some conversations with people from Vancouver, Calgary and San Diego this weekend and they all commented on how they admire the NP Canada crew and how strong and supportive everyone is. And this is what they’ve seen not just from this weekend, but from what they’ve experienced over the years where they’ve been, and from what they’ve seen of us.

What would happen if we weren’t dividing and conquering. What if, for one week, we all came together to have the craziest, most historic week in our 6 year history. What if, that all lined up with our 6th birthday! Yes. Let’s start building the hype. The birthday invitations can start going out now! Who doesn’t love a 6th birthday?

Here’s the birthday week schedule

Monday July 15th – Emily Murphy Park

Wednesday July 17th – Commonwealth Stadium

Friday July 19th – Walterdale Hill

Get excited, because we’re partying ALL WEEK LONG!

But before that, we’ll see you on Wednesday at Commonwealth Stadium.

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