Elysian Face-Off (LAX)

In a triumphant return to the East Side, November Project faced-off with itself for yet another strenuous and jovial shred-fest. The grass was damp, the morning was cool and the spirits were high as LA’s fittest weirdos teamed up to make their way through some friendly competition.


It’s been a pretty running heavy month this month and June seems to be brimming with races so it seemed appropriate to get some of that strength training on fleek. Station by station, each of us was pushed by the spirit of sport to out-do our opponents, either by rock-paper-scisors-ing, sprinting, piking or basically mud-wrestling. Smiles were everywhere and, believe it or not, you even got in a workout.


Though it wasn’t our typical run heavy morning, it’s important for us as co-leaders to plan days where we get to have some fun. Brogan said while we were at Good Day LA that NP is like adult recess and today that felt like the case. Fitness is important, it’s the thing that gets people out of their beds and into their cars to brave the LA highways before sunrise. That’s the thing that people come for. But why they stay, is the community.


A day like today is a reminder to us all that we’re here for fun and to encourage one another through competition as much as with hugs. What sets NP apart is the fact that what we do comes from the heart and not from the muscles and it comes from within ourselves as much as it comes from those that surround you.

Do great LA!

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