Where the F*ck Has _______ Been?!

I know, I know. It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog. Did you miss me?! Probably not. These blogs are usually just verbal diarreha with gifs intermixed. Anyway, he’s back, and he’s ready to rumble. Now onto the actual blerg…


This is important. It’s summer. November Project Boston is up early, running at full force, and taking names. The names we’re taking are all those people that used to show up a lot, and haven’t been in awhile. Or people that should be here, but have yet to commit to an early morning wake-up. They may have forgotten the magic of being a adult-sized-child going to 6:29am recess 3x/week, or they just haven’t experienced it yet. You can take their V-card! –wait. No. That’s different. Back on track…


IMG_2940Think about that person…

Got a name in mind?!? Good.

Not yet?

Ok, maybe think about maybe someone in your office, or school, or family, or life.


Ok, that should cover all of you.


Give that person a call this weekend. Send ’em a text. Or a facebook message. It’s a long weekend–why not go grab some beers with them!?

If you haven’t figured it out already–NP is like a house party. It just gets better and better the more people there are.

Tell them you miss seeing their beautiful face 3x/week, and remind them how fun NP during the summer is–that it’s a f*ckin party full of good-natured, good lookin people just trying to have a good time before they have to go be real adults. We wouldn’t want them to miss out on that would we!? So grab those people–ask ’em how they’re doin. Get ’em to a workout.

Maybe just try recruiting the next person that asks about your grassroots gear?!
Keywords for recruiting: recess. party. playground. Boston. Mothership.

The recess party continues Monday morning–we’re in Benchville on the Esplanade. It’s by the water. We’ve got some awesome sh*t planned. You prrrrrobably don’t wanna miss it, but you already know that.

Much Love,
– C. Payne


P.S. Good luck to all those that are running races this weekend. Remember: keep a smile on. Keep a positive attitude. And race everything.


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